What are essential oils?

  • Lifeblood of the plant that bring oxygen and nutrients in, and toxins out. Defend the plant against infectious organisms and environmental toxins, do the same for humans.

  • Oldest medicine: first references are found in Ebers Papyrus, Egyptian document 16th century BC. Also 188 Biblical references.

How do Essential Oils benefit us?

  • They support efficient cellular functioning & immunity by carrying nutrients and oxygen into the cell, and taking toxins out.

  • They can pass through the blood brain barrier, supporting the nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, immune system, muscles, ligaments, skeletal system, skin, hair, and hormonal system.

  • Within 20 minutes of application, the oil is found in every cell of the body, supporting homeostasis through natural intelligence.


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Why Young Living oils and products?

  • Ninety percent of oils on North American market are Grade B or lower; of the 10 percent that are Grade A or higher, 90 percent are made by Young Living!

  • Young Living oils are made of organically grown or wildcrafted plants, distilled via a special low- pressure, low temperature process in stainless steel equipment never cleaned with synthetic or harmful chemicals.

  • All oils also independently tested for therapeutic grade & to ensure no contaminants.

Why is purity so important?

  • Some oils on the marketplace contain chemical solvents, degraded molecules, and oils from plants not listed on the label. Essential oils are so small in molecular size that they penetrate the tissues of the skin. 


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